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What's a yearling / performer?

What's a yearling?
A yearling is a male or female horse in its second year of existence. In human terms, yearlings could be compared to teenagers: they are in an intense phase of physical as well as mental growth and can be a little rebellious!
In horseracing, with thoroughbreds growing a lot faster than showjumping breeds, the yearling stage is where most horse change hands, not long before they are broken in and sent into training.
While showjumpers are later maturing types, buying a yearling rather than a foal offers more insight into the physical potential and temperament of the animal. Our breeding expert says that a yearling with the best genetic qualities and physical aptitudes for sport will become, the following year, an approved Stallion and or in the case of a female, constitute a foundation of a breeding with exceptional mother line. In both cases, the those yearlings are potential future perfomers.
What is a performer?
Being a highly competitive discipline, today’s show jumping horses are required to be all rounded athletes and master a unique set of skills including power, physical and mental strength, sensitivity, balance, agility, speed and competitiveness in the ring.
A performer is a sport horse that demonstrate the qualities and potential to compete at the highest level of Show jumping and reach one day the international Grand-Prix and Championships.
Show Jumping is not an exact science and there are no guarantees of success dealing with a living animal and a long development process, but by analyzing bloodlines, genetics, aptitudes and competition track records our experts will put their unique knowhow and experience and present an outstanding selection of young champions at the Auction.